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Friends Unite believes in the strength of the human spirit.  Extreme poverty is a problem in many parts of the world, often leading to malnutrition, inaccessible health care, inadequate education, disease and hunger. Despite these conditions, we believe that people have the desire to help themselves if given an opportunity. We also believe that such opportunities are most often achieved through the collaboration with and creativity of others.

Our Mission

The charitable mission of Friends Unite is to provide the support necessary for people and communities to help themselves. Friends Unite will provide support for the advancement of education, health services and other basic necessities, such as food, water and shelter. We will accomplish this goal by partnering with organizations, individuals and communities who can change people's lives through innovation, technology, and expansion of knowledge.

Our Vision

Friends Unite is based on the premise that the contribution of human capital is just as valuable as, if not more so, than monetary capital.  Human ingenuity, compassion, and creativity, along with teamwork and an individual’s desire for a better life, can help solve many of the problems created by extreme poverty and other challenging life conditions.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Friends Unite was drawn from our friends and family who have dedicated their lives to helping others. It also stems from the realization that we cannot achieve everything on our own. By uniting to create mutually beneficial relationships and harnessing the collective brain power of an expanding network, together we can make a positive difference in a community or a person’s life.

Join us and help us achieve our mission.  Friends Unite is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.